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Low Height 2-Piece Board Level Shield

Author : Date : 12/7/2017 10:48:57 AM

Hexin Low Height 2-Piece Board Level Shield (BLS)

Enabling smaller and thinner electronic devices with space constraints while maintaining the benefits of low assembly height, co-planarity, and leading edge built-in features.

The low height 2-piece shielding is geared towards applications where space is valuable in thin electronic device applications in which every cubic millimeter available is valued at a premium and is critical. The technology featured in the product is leading edge. It includes both rigid corner and removable pick bridge features. If weight is also critical in the application, the parts can be manufactured using a pre-plated Aluminum alloy material.
emi low height 2 piece shielding cans


  • Assembly height down to 0.85 mm
  • Thin gauge precision stamping
  • Different metal substrate options
  • Different plating options
  • Dimple locking feature
  • Patent pending removable pick bridge feature
  • Rigid corner feature
  • BLS can be integrated with Laird’s thermal interface material products and/or absorber material products


  • Enables a smaller and thinner device where every cubic millimeter of space is critical
  • Ease of assembly
  • Packaged in a way to utilize automation during assembly to maximize throughput


  • Opens up volume space in a tightly packed electronic device
  • Ability to hold tight tolerances on thin gauge, complex stamped parts
  • Cover stays securely attached to the frame
  • Removable pick bridge can be removed through a manual or automated process after soldered down to the PCB for inspection
  • Tight co-planarity allows use of less solder and ease of assembly