Wifi Mould PCB Shielding can


Wifi Mould PCB Shielding can

Dimension(L X W X D) MM:16X16x3

Flatness / Coplanarity:< 0.08 mm typical

Material:Tin Plated

Mounting Type:Surface Mount

Plating Options:Tin, Nickel, Other Options Available

Packaging:Tray, Tape and Reel,

Moisture Sensitivity Level:1

Storage Temperature (C):10°-25° C

ROHS Compliant:Yes

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Two-Piece Board Level Shields

Two-piece shields offer users the flexibility to inspect or repair shielded components without having to risk board damage by removing the entire shield. Covers snap on and off, making repairs quicker and easier. Board rework is reduced. There are no tooling costs associated with standard off-the-shelf designs.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard offering available
  • Surface Mount
  • Rigid Corner
  • Removable pick bridge
  • Tight coplanarity tolerances
  • Different metal substrate options
  • Different plating options
  • Different cover to frame locking options
  • Vented and unvented options
  • Tape and Reel packaging
  • No tooling costs with standard off-the-shelf designs
  • Shielding Effectiveness typcially 40 dB @1 GHz

Customized PCB Shield Cans

As cans are custom designed please contact our sales department to discuss your requirements. We will need a drawing or specification giving overall dimensions, type of material, plating, through hole/surface mount configurations, quantity, tolerances, packaging and any special requirements.

Production Capabilities

Hexin has considerable experience in the design, manufacture and testing of a wide range of shielding products and is able to help customers find solutions to their shielding requirements.

Product Drawing

16X16x3MM EMI PCB Shielding Can.PDF

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